What You Don’t Know About My Kitchen Could Hurt You

When theoretical design concepts and practicality collide, it can be ugly. Our kitchen is a fine example of this. We bought our Chicago loft two years ago and the lady who lived here before was apparently into “novelty”…and pain. The cabinet pulls in our kitchen are knives, forks, and spoons and which one of our friends refers to as “knifey, forkey, and spoony”. Kitschy AND dangerous, they are hard metal and sharper than they appear. When you go to grab something you can expect anything from a light poking to an all-out stabbing. Every time my husband goes into the kitchen his pockets get caught on the sideways fork that is ironically the silverwear drawer.

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So why don’t we replace them you ask? We are saving up for a major upscale kitchen remodel and these ridiculous pieces of ornamental death, along with the felt stickers of palm trees that are randomly placed on the cabinets (God, yes, I know) – are reminders for us to strive for our redesign goal daily. It is an abomination to my sense of taste but it will make the day the tear-down comes all the more sweeter. I am enduring these pulls (in a first-world problem sense). And if you recall that scene in the movie Office Space where they destroyed that printer/copier in the field – that will be what I do to these stupid tablewear pulls.

So stick a fork in me, I’m done.


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  1. Dudette, you’re hilarious. 😛

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