Social Network Geekery

In one of my graduate classes an assignment is to map out our Twitter network. A couple of the online tools used for this produce some pretty cool images (at least I think so) with regards to the nodes and ties, it almost looks like a universe of stars or constellations. I like to see data in visual form anyway and, while I do not follow a ton of peeps (and have even less followers) it shows the strength of your network and where to possibly beef up. I would recommend trying it out with your own network just to see a map of your connections. Both applications are free (require no download) and take literally 10 seconds to generate your map. Go!

Here is what my Twitter network looks like according to Twitter Browser by Neuro Productions.

I'm sure your network will be bigger than mine. And I'm fine with that.

There is also a tool that helps map Twitter mentions. Shockingly, it is called Mention Map. I don’t do a ton of this, but here is the visual product:

You're happy I'm pointing out this app? Ah, don't mention it.

If you would like to be part of my future maps, I invite you to follow me on Twitter – I will most certainly follow you back. Cheers!


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