My Big Fat Greek Revival

The Biography show Haunted History, a Saturday afternoon delight, has introduced manse after decadent southern manse of delicious Plantation, Classical, and Greek Revival architecture styles which cause my pulse to quicken. Seeing these Plantation-type homes has ignited something O.C.D. and primal in me, as I would imagine a past-life suddenly recognizing something familiar (if I believed in that sort of thing). I get stuck on a style and drift off into a hazy maze of lustful reverie for months or years. I’m on year 30 of my obsession with old ships, year 33 of obsession with castles. All I can do is swoon and seek real estate outlets online to drool over. And I found my treasure trove at a little site called – I could indulge for hours on this site, scheming of how I could sell my Chicago loft and move out of state…to the middle of nowhere…away from family and friends…with no job…and this is the part where practical reality painfully seizes my vision, inserts the knife, and twists. Ah well, a girl can dream[home], can’t she, Rhett?

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