Haiku Wednesday: Awkward Photos

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite time-wasting websites: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. This is one of those sites that sucks you in and you have to pull yourself away from it. These few photos are from that site and if you like to laugh (who doesn’t?) I recommend going there AFTER reading these haikus = )

White Easter Death Hare.
One bite and off comes her head!
See the disposed kid?


The outcast grandma!
A forest preserve portrait
with what look like clones.


“Regret” by Kodak.
Before Gaga’s raw steak dress…
Bacon brothers ruled.


Jenny’s RenFaire Hell:
Dad’s a giant horse’s ass.
Mom’s a tatted ho.


The Shining “furry”?
I give you Exhibit A:
from D.C.F.S.


Grilled lower body
brings the Johnsons together.
I need an adult.


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