(*Knock* *Knock*) Housekeeping!

Instead of the usual Haiku Wednesday, I wanted to take care of 3 housekeeping items today:

#1 Happy birthday to my husband, Cecil!

He who puts up with me.

#2 I recently watched a bizarre and disturbingly jerky version of Alice in Wonderland marinated in Eastern European-ness. This 1988 movie was just called Alice. The Netflix description is as follows: After her stuffed rabbit opens a portal inside her dresser, Alice (Kristýna Kohoutová) crosses over into a world of puppets and dead animals in Czech director Jan Svankmajer’s bizarre adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s children’s book, considered a classic of surreal cinema. Svankmajer gives the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat equally warped makeovers via stop-motion animation and stark cinematography. I, who love dark imagery, was left feeling bored at times, at other times I thought I might’ve been tripping, and at points I felt anxious bordering on motion-sick due to the extreme use of stop-motion effects. Overall it was a creepy film and not one for children, though it had no rating. Do I recommend it? Sure, a little avant garde grim fairy-talety never hurt anyone.

Here is a clip:

#3 I just completed a drawing I call “The Wicked and the Clever”, which is currently for sale.

Here is a closeup of the detail:

Detail of "The Wicked and the Clever" by Sarah McNabb 2011

I invite you to check out the full Monty and read about its rationale at FamousAfterIDie.com. Enjoy!


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