Haiku Wednesday…On Thursday

These photos, originally posted in Buzzfeed, were brought to my attention by @goebejoe. Kudos to you, my friend, for stoking my haiku fire. I needed that. WARNING: a few may be unsuitable for younger readers.

Billy always hates
weekends at Satan’s…that’s some
court-ordered bullsh**.

Old-time Basket Case.
But Belial is polite
and snappily dressed.

Big Boss “Cheeks” Malone
has Miami by the balls.
Yeah. Now beat it, kid.

Lil’ Sarah Palin
hunts commies, armed with

Bubba hates pink food,
except hot pink sirloin strips
wrapped in pink bacon.

(Rattling along)
Top of the mourning to you,
my transparent friend.

Sally says to Sam:
Who’s ready for some good head?
Don’t all speak at once.

Team Lizzie Borden
wins Bloodiest Slaughter of
Innocents contest.


1 Comment

  1. Haha!!! These are the best yet. If I drank milk it would have flung from my nose. Thanks for the roaring start to the day!

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