Haiku Wednesday…On Thursday: Part Deux

Lenny the Bear laughs
at the photog’s disregard
for his fellow man.


Put ‘em up, sweet cheeks,
this random bird cage is mine!
And stop with that grin!


Lynn admires Ann
for her negative jean size;
“one day I’ll be thin…”


Boot! Get your boot here!
Did I mention it’s RUBBER?
And we deliver!

 Help, I got it stuck!!
And Clucky’s pecking at it!
Dad?… Dad! Quit laughing!

Bored Ostfront soldiers
put on the best talent shows
next to the outhouse.


Haiku Wednesday…On Thursday

These photos, originally posted in Buzzfeed, were brought to my attention by @goebejoe. Kudos to you, my friend, for stoking my haiku fire. I needed that. WARNING: a few may be unsuitable for younger readers.

Billy always hates
weekends at Satan’s…that’s some
court-ordered bullsh**.

Old-time Basket Case.
But Belial is polite
and snappily dressed.

Big Boss “Cheeks” Malone
has Miami by the balls.
Yeah. Now beat it, kid.

Lil’ Sarah Palin
hunts commies, armed with

Bubba hates pink food,
except hot pink sirloin strips
wrapped in pink bacon.

(Rattling along)
Top of the mourning to you,
my transparent friend.

Sally says to Sam:
Who’s ready for some good head?
Don’t all speak at once.

Team Lizzie Borden
wins Bloodiest Slaughter of
Innocents contest.

Hints of Autumn

Autumn in my favorite. The weather has just started to hint at the end of summer and beginning of autumn, so I am swooning. I love everything about fall and wish it would last…this is my official welcoming:
Three Pieces on the Smoke of Autumn
by Carl Sandburg
SMOKE of autumn is on it all.
The streamers loosen and travel.
The red west is
stopped with a gray haze.
They fill the ash trees, they wrap the oaks,
They make a long-tailed rider
In the pocket of the first, the
earliest evening star.. . .
Three muskrats swim west on the Desplaines River.
There is a sheet of red ember glow on the river; it is dusk; and
the muskrats one by one go on patrol routes west.
Around each slippery padding rat, a fan of ripples;
in the silence of dusk a faint wash of ripples,
the padding of the rats going west, in a dark and shivering river gold.

(A newspaper in my pocket says the Germans pierce the Italian line;
I have letters from poets and sculptors in Greenwich Village; I have letters
from an ambulance man in France and an I. W. W. man in Vladivostok.)

I lean on an ash and watch the lights fall,
the red ember glow, and three muskrats
swim west in a fan of ripples on a sheet of river gold.. . .
Better the blue silence and the gray west,
The autumn mist on the river,
And not any hate
and not any love,
And not anything at all of the keen and the deep:
Only the peace of a dog head on a barn floor,
And the new corn shoveled in bushels
And the pumpkins brought from the corn rows,
Umber lights of the dark,
Umber lanterns of the loam dark.

Here a dog head dreams.
Not any hate, not any love.
Not anything but dreams.
Brother of dusk and umber.


Haiku Wednesday: Classic Moments In Sports

Another head grows
filled with your noggin’s anger:
Quatto of the brain”.

Pool your resources.
How’d the high dive contest go?
It went swimmingly.

Shot put of straining…
To push your skull through your face
or blow a throat node.

crazed orange musculature.
Sir, you scare me.

Winded mask-faced pro,
look like this ALL THE TIME and
I might watch

Red screams in mid-air
Stiffly dumped out of a chair
from Olympic heights.

Getting Back Into the “King” of Things

I’m not into Harry Potter (all gasp!) or Twilight (tweenage gasp!)

“Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” –Stephen King

I am watching –not reading– the True Blood series (southern gasp!)
And I’m listening to the audiobook series of Game of Thrones (LOVING it).
I just finished The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I thought the ending/resolution could have been stronger for me.

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But recently I recommitted myself to reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series because I’ve grown up with and have read LOTS of King, liking most of his novels (but not Insomnia) and loving his short stories the best. I’ve read the short story in Everything’s EventualThe Little Sisters of Eluria which is a snippet of the D.T. series and was engrossed in it. And I have read the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, years ago and am re-reading it now with the intent to finally charge through all 7 books. The horror genre as purveyed by King has always appealed to me and I’ll give his western-fantasy-apocalypticae a chance. Yep. I guess that’s all I have to say (*crickets chirping*). I missed my Haiku Wednesday posting this week = ( as life got in the way. *shrugs* Ah well, keep on, keepin’ on.

Any other S.K. fans out there? If so, what was your favorite book or story? And why? Talk to me.

Haiku Wednesday: Dream Parlors

You southern charmer!
Like Sooki’s home from TrueBlood.
Multi-textured warmth.

My medieval lust
flares hot at this chamber’s sight;
a fortress-sized “want”.


I dream of woodwork:
of ornate oak filigree…
and Persian rug fields.

A room with a Clue.
I’d study you all day long,
Nirvana of tomes.

Frosted angel cake –
the Marie Antoinette room;
Privilege in White.

Tell me a story,
of longing and dark fated
Great Expectations.

Haiku Wednesday: Funny Hats

Ash blonde Bogarted.
Huge side-of-head smoke.

A foul weather hat.
You’re in for a good roasting,
giblet-brained hipster.

Oh, here’s a good one.
Nice mustard-toned knit mustache…
Your mom must hate you.

Impressive sized bird.
This hat should be worn…always…
with black eyeliner.

He has film in mind,
to channel Rick James and stay
a Super Freak, yo.

Mittens is bitter.
My favorite flavor of cat,
sour face and all.