Getting Back Into the “King” of Things

I’m not into Harry Potter (all gasp!) or Twilight (tweenage gasp!)

“Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” –Stephen King

I am watching –not reading– the True Blood series (southern gasp!)
And I’m listening to the audiobook series of Game of Thrones (LOVING it).
I just finished The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I thought the ending/resolution could have been stronger for me.

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But recently I recommitted myself to reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series because I’ve grown up with and have read LOTS of King, liking most of his novels (but not Insomnia) and loving his short stories the best. I’ve read the short story in Everything’s EventualThe Little Sisters of Eluria which is a snippet of the D.T. series and was engrossed in it. And I have read the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, years ago and am re-reading it now with the intent to finally charge through all 7 books. The horror genre as purveyed by King has always appealed to me and I’ll give his western-fantasy-apocalypticae a chance. Yep. I guess that’s all I have to say (*crickets chirping*). I missed my Haiku Wednesday posting this week = ( as life got in the way. *shrugs* Ah well, keep on, keepin’ on.

Any other S.K. fans out there? If so, what was your favorite book or story? And why? Talk to me.

Meet Andy Elkerton, Illustrator Extraordinaire

Illustration by Andy Elkerton

Allow me to introduce you to an uber-talented British children’s book illustrator, Mr. Andy Elkerton. By chance I came to associate with this artist through my husband’s snark-filled movie review podcast, Everyone’s A Critic (shameless plug) – as Andy is a listener and interacts with the EAC “community”. An ironic clash between hard-edged podcast content and the illustrations that whisper delicately of knights in armor, apes wearing bras, frogs eating cake and other imaginative visual delicacies.

I had a chance to shop-talk a little with Andy about his stellar work. From initial glances, the illustrations look amazingly smooth with airbrush qualities. This is because he creates them digitally, using a Wacom to do the virual drawings. Andy has a rich history of working in the field of creating computer-generated images. 

These samples are compressed but I HIGHLY recommend that you check out the full size and high def versions of his amazing showcase at his website

Illustration by Andy Elkerton

Illustration by Andy Elkerton
Though the mood of the content is quite opposite of the art I do, this type of work has my utmost respect; it is so lovely and innocent, it helps foster imaginations and forge memories for the children who enjoy his books. I can recall absolutely wearing out some of my books as a kid as I couldn’t get enough of the illustrations and alluring form of storytelling. Characters come to life, endure humorous situations and help teach values. The developing minds of children will always benefit from the talents of such illustrators as Andy.

If you have kids, I think they would love to look at the fabulous images in these books. And you just might, too! list of the children’s books that Andy  has illustrated.