Haiku Wednesday: Ugly Rennaissance Babies

Thanks to my pal Kristy for pointing out the source of these photos: http://uglyrenaissancebabies.tumblr.com/

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Timberlake-haired tot
With the sharp bird beak nose, please
cover your wee junk.

Zombie angel ghouls
bite and devour Jesus Christ.
He tastes Heavenly!

Frida Kahlo-esque.
“Stare into my black deadlights.”
Joyless baby man.

What! Babies can’t read.
Her fingers do the walking,
each broken and bent.

Eye Baggage Central!
Mom holds baby, baby holds…
a random orange.

Long torso-ed Jesus;
Born a 10-year-old to the
extra long-necked Mary.

Does this bug you, Mom?
[Mom could use a good stiff drink.]
Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Shrinking face disease.
Mistaken double penis.
Got my eyes on you.

S.L. Jones Photography

Photo Courtesy of S.L. Jones Photography

A young rural Illinois family strolls blissfully along the town canal on a cool autumn eve…a mother smiles as her toddler, who is just learning to walk, exercises his independence and optimism by starting down a long wooded path…a man stops to whisper delicately into his fiancee’s ear and she sweetly smiles and closes her eyes. These are just a few examples of the narratives told in the expertly crafted photos of Stephaney L. Jones, founder of S.L. Jones Photography


Stephaney integrates strategies elemental to timeless photography; an artful tilt of the camera…choosing the right daylight that offers the most tasteful array of shadows…using the 2/3 design rule when framing a scene…adding an appropriate punch of color to emphasize a subject when needed. It is obvious from perusing through her growing portfolio that Stephaney transmits through her lenses her intuition on what precise moments of tenderness will best convey her clients’ stories; a talent that Stephaney has come to nurture through experiences in photographing her own children. In addition to families, children and teens, S.L. Jones Photography also covers lifestyle, wedding, engagement and objective photos.

Photo Courtesy of S.L. Jones Photography

On her website, Stephaney notes a pivotal moment which foreshadowed her career as a photographer. “Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by photos. My parents have a huge antique dry sink that they use to store old photos in. I would dig out pictures of family and spend the whole day looking through them.” 

I had the pleasure of growing up a few miles from Stephaney and spending time with her at her family’s farm as a kid. And it is no surprise that she uses local nature and its array of colors in her photos, just as a painter uses brush strokes. By snapping moments of families in their familiar, picturesque rural surroundings it adds a real dimensional depth to the stories told by way of image.  And Steph skillfully captures these stories in her photography.

Photo Courtesy of S.L. Jones Photography

If you have family or loved ones you would love to capture in keepsakes that will last generations, S.L. Jones Photography is for you. Stephaney services the Bloomington area and central/northern Illinois region. Contact her for location availability and session information.

Visit the S.L Jones website at http://galleries.sljonesphotography.com/ 
Check out her blog at http://sljonesphotography.wordpress.com/
And be sure to friend S.L. Jones Photography on Facebook.