Haiku Wednesday: Dream Parlors

You southern charmer!
Like Sooki’s home from TrueBlood.
Multi-textured warmth.

My medieval lust
flares hot at this chamber’s sight;
a fortress-sized “want”.


I dream of woodwork:
of ornate oak filigree…
and Persian rug fields.

A room with a Clue.
I’d study you all day long,
Nirvana of tomes.

Frosted angel cake –
the Marie Antoinette room;
Privilege in White.

Tell me a story,
of longing and dark fated
Great Expectations.

A Piece of Wedding Cake Chandelier

I have obsessive tendencies over objects of grandeur. I think I was born in the wrong era. You’ve met my clawfoot tub fetish. Now meet my wedding cake chandelier fetish. I actually do know where my love of this object stems from (through careful self-analysis). My parents’ home has a wedding cake chandelier hanging in the stairway. I never really noticed it when I was a child until the day when my mom took down the crystals to clean them. Once they were cleaned and put back up the chandelier absolutely glistened like a jewel. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was beautiful and cast off prismatic rainbow colors on the walls. I fell in love with its charm and have yet to get one of my own. This post serves only to refuel my obsession, I suppose. They have imprinted on them the memories of holding court above glamorous parties in mansions, the New Year’s Eve clinkings of bourgeoise champagne glasses. They are witnesses to torrid love affairs on Persian rugs below, and of course they hold the whispered secrets of countless chambermaids and butlers. Sigh.

Oh, to have a piece of wedding cake chandelier.

Silver Plate Over Brass Chandelier – This is a beautiful crystaline dream. No wonder most of the ones I’m finding are sold out. They are like diamond rings for your ceiling.


Bronze Wedding Cake Chandelier – I am a big fan of Art Deco and I think this one would look good in a church.


Small Wedding Cake Chandelier  – This is a beautiful little number (again, sold out?!) and it reminds me of a crown. I love the length of the crystals.

Glass Bubble Project Chandelier – According to this site, this gorgeous piece of eye candy hangs in a private residence. It should be hanging in mine. Right over my clawfoot tub. Hubba hubba.

More resources:

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Decorgasm? Yes, Please!

Some people you come across in life are effortlessly hip.
Some people you know may communicate purposefully.
And some could even belong to that rare tribe of industry professionals who are just …cool as hell. But I find that few people are all three. 

However, Laura is.

An Illinois senior interior designer by trade, Laura’s aptly titled blog, Decorgasm, is a culmination of an obvious love affair with several facets of style mixed with a keen and concise conveyance of what inspires a design professional.

Sharing her experiences in what inspires her and what her clients demand, Laura’s style of conversational writing is a breath of {non-pretentious} fresh air: intertwining amusing asides, practical bullet-pointed lists of observations, and reader assignments attached with invitations for photo-sharing opportunities. One specific post highlights an honest love/hate relationship with abstract art. Laura posts interior design situations where she opines on the visual conflict presented, linking and referencing publications as she goes. Laura’s colorful posts are as stylishly fun as they are informative.

We’re all in need of a good Decorgasm so I recommend checking out this blog …it is certain to satisfy.