Haiku Wednesday: Awkward Photos

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite time-wasting websites: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. This is one of those sites that sucks you in and you have to pull yourself away from it. These few photos are from that site and if you like to laugh (who doesn’t?) I recommend going there AFTER reading these haikus = )

White Easter Death Hare.
One bite and off comes her head!
See the disposed kid?


The outcast grandma!
A forest preserve portrait
with what look like clones.


“Regret” by Kodak.
Before Gaga’s raw steak dress…
Bacon brothers ruled.


Jenny’s RenFaire Hell:
Dad’s a giant horse’s ass.
Mom’s a tatted ho.


The Shining “furry”?
I give you Exhibit A:
from D.C.F.S.


Grilled lower body
brings the Johnsons together.
I need an adult.

The Creepy Company We Keep

In 2005 my husband and I received a frantic emergency call at 9:00pm from our friends Tom and Colleen. We needed to check eBay stat!
What we saw put us into such hysterics of tearful laughter that it was imperative that we have this item. The intrinsic humor value was too high to pass by.

The two of us couples won the auction and split the $175 price tag with the verbal agreement of joint custody. And soon Gary the gaping mouth mannequin boy arrived.

To the “waste-of-money” chortles of both of our families, Gary’s presence has endured through two households, two weddings, Christmases, Halloweens, and various other photo opportunities. He is a giant, posable, dressable conversation piece.

When my husband and I had first visitation of Gary, we’d kept him in our living room, I’d walk into the living room from the kitchen, let’s say, and nearly pee myself because I’d forgotten about him being there – this happened 10x a day. Countless times has Gary been the pawn in practical jokes: often being quietly placed in the rooms of sleeping house guests and posed in the front room windows. Through the years his quiet bravado, sassy tilt of the head, and uncanny ability to maintain the same weight has kept us all enamored and intrigued. He’s a friend and a confidant.

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The four of us responsible for Gary realize that his acquisition speaks more about us all then it does him. And he has served as a sort of friend litmus test as well; because hey, if you are too cool for school to hang with Gary, the rest of us probably aren’t for you, either. So this post is dedicated to that creepy mannequin art that offers jolts of surprise, laughs, raised eyebrows, and photos year after year.

Gary Lights Up the Neighborhood at Christmas

Gary Loves All Things Latin, Too
Guidance? Right This Way

Hes a Real Cut Up at Halloween

He is a HUGE FAN of Bob Marley
Gary is a Certified Zombie Survivalist and Lounge Pants Enthusiast
The Life of the Party
An Entertainer at Weddings
If you think Gary would make a good addition to your circle of friends, I’m sure he’d be delighted if you friended him on Facebook