Haiku Wednesday: Dream Parlors

You southern charmer!
Like Sooki’s home from TrueBlood.
Multi-textured warmth.

My medieval lust
flares hot at this chamber’s sight;
a fortress-sized “want”.


I dream of woodwork:
of ornate oak filigree…
and Persian rug fields.

A room with a Clue.
I’d study you all day long,
Nirvana of tomes.

Frosted angel cake –
the Marie Antoinette room;
Privilege in White.

Tell me a story,
of longing and dark fated
Great Expectations.

My Winter Project: Pulling Art Into Life

Over the winter I decided to make my bedroom into a Witchery, a castle-like chamber full of textures. However, I didn’t want to “pay alot for this muffler” so I got creative through bargain-hunting and DIY skills.

The ceilings in my room are pretty high as we live in a loft building that was once a paper factory (designed by the architect Daniel Burnham). In an effort to draw the eye upward, I affixed gold colored wood corbels (which I had gotten from a clearance bin YEARS ago) above my boring Ikea mirror to hold a rod. I bought a pair of 120″ drapes from Bed, Bath and Beyond which were not cheap, but which were perfect (and believe me, I shopped around like crazy).

My Dad is a talented woodworker so I had him create for me the wood blocks that sit above the closet to create architectural interest. They are not affixed but hang over both sides. I used leftover red paint to match them to the walls.

The gold tinted pillows on the bed were made from an existing mish-mash of pillows. I used leftover fabric to wrap these motley pillows, pinning or using fabric tape to hold the fabric in place.

I think what I’m most proud of is the bargain I got on the 8′ x 11′ Persian rug.  For awhile I labored under the delusion that I was going to have to eventually pay thousands for one of these rugs. I trolled eBay for a day and did price comparisons all around the web and found this in an auction that was soon to end. The total price was $117 and I got free shipping. Wow, am I glad I waited and did my homework.

The black thing hanging on the wall was found in the clearance section of a Hobby Lobby. I maybe paid $5 for it.

I paid full price for the frame seen here but I took a photo that my husband took in Paris and cut out Persian rugs from a magazine. I pasted them atop   the boring parts of the photo to make an interesting collage that worked with the colors in the room.

I bought 7 yards of good material from Hobby Lobby and used my sister’s sewing skills to soften up the bookcase in my room. It is difficult to see it, but I used a brooch (Target) I had and fastened the two sides of the curtains together.

The hanging medieval looking candle holder was also a clearance special from a Halloween store. It is actually not metal, but does hold a red pillar candle.

I hate to admit buying anything from Wal-Mart, but the series of 8 frames on the wall were an unbeatable $3 each. And the 2-tone gold color was too good to pass up.  I put postcards of classical Dutch art I had gotten while in Europe in these frames.

I like the feeling of walking into a room that I feel inspired by and that which I might find in one of my drawings.

What kind of rooms do you feel right at home in? Modern, classical, country?