Haiku Wednesday: Unright Animals

Long legged nightmare;
opposable thumbs AND fangs
to gnaw your life off.

Pudgy and swinging,
you are cute except for your
sharky black deadlights.

Ironic Dog gang,
fast food is made from collies.
I’m not lovin’ it.

Wolves French kiss all wrong…
Bite my face off why don’t you!
I can see your lunch.

Soul-shredding monkey!
What’s with the dude wearing the
fuzzy dog slippers?

Obscene nose AND mouth!
God’s sense of humor: e.g.
flesh-toned sex faced apes.


Haiku Wednesday: Old Timey CATS!

Their paws say “let’s play”
But their eyes say “this is hell”!
Kneeless dolls can’t jump.

Tranquilized pets are cute but
they can’t write letters.

May I introduce
Sir Frisk N. Litter, Esquire
at your service ma’am.

Tied to chair with twine
ADHD cat photos
never go as planned.

Both look as happy
as human pairs of that time.
Arranged marriage fail.

Cat carriage of death,
You’re a nightmare with a hat
made from human brains!