Haiku Wednesday: Awkward Photos

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite time-wasting websites: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. This is one of those sites that sucks you in and you have to pull yourself away from it. These few photos are from that site and if you like to laugh (who doesn’t?) I recommend going there AFTER reading these haikus = )

White Easter Death Hare.
One bite and off comes her head!
See the disposed kid?


The outcast grandma!
A forest preserve portrait
with what look like clones.


“Regret” by Kodak.
Before Gaga’s raw steak dress…
Bacon brothers ruled.


Jenny’s RenFaire Hell:
Dad’s a giant horse’s ass.
Mom’s a tatted ho.


The Shining “furry”?
I give you Exhibit A:
from D.C.F.S.


Grilled lower body
brings the Johnsons together.
I need an adult.


Travis Sylvester, Master of Natural Reflectives

Travis Sylvester. What can I say about his work except “WOW”. This man has the uncannily ethereal ability to capture water and beautiful reflective fish in his amazing and dynamic color pencil works. I had the pleasure of encountering his work on the Prismacolor artists forum and I follow his progress on Facebook as well. Anyone who is into nature or who appreciates the beauty and skill of creating reflective surfaces should look at his work.

“Brookie” by Travis Sylvester

Travis was born in the Salt Lake City area and still calls it home. He states “I love what Utah has to offer as far as the mountains, desert, and countless lakes and streams. I can leave my home and be at 10,000 feet in elevation and far away from the crowds within an hours drive.” Loving anything fishing-related it is obvious that Travis channels this love into his art. Among other venues, Travis’s art has been displayed in galleries in the Salt Lake area. He also enters competitions and unsurprisingly works on commissioned pieces. “Since November of 2009, I have completed twelve new drawings, four of which have been commissioned. I entered one of them, “Bonneville Cutthroat” into the Utah State Fair and won two honorable mention ribbons on it.”

“Rainbow Reflections” by Travis Sylvester
Artist, Travis Sylvester

In addition to fishing / nature / outdoor subjects, Travis also creates abstract / surrealism, portraits, and digitally enhances works.

I highly recommend viewing his extensive and masterfully crafted showcase on his website. One can also purchase giclee prints of Mr. Sylvester’s works from his website http://travzart.homestead.com/