Haiku Wednesday: Scary Monkeys!

He soaked in terror.
Look into the eyes of doom
and see grinning death.

Scary flip-top head
Like a live dental dummy
to swallow you whole.

Canker sore monkey,
you wake and bake every day…
in between killings.

Denture-less and gray,
the naked old man monkey
listens to lectures.

Perma-80’s hair…
The Skid Row of your species.
God Thunderdomed you!

Double nightmare incarnate.
I just wet myself.


Haiku Wednesday: Bad Taxidermy

This post is dedicated to another website that I find both entertaining and unsettling: Crappy Taxidermy. These photos are all from this delightfully horrifying site.


Rabid Ol’ Yeller
Dive bombing all of us.
Get my rifle, son.


Disturbs me so much
Texas Chainsaw Massacre…
Scots and goats don’t mix.


The eye in the sky,
Canon raven zooms in.
Nevermore, my head.


Big-headed Tigger,
You look like you are gonna
Come out of the booth.


Dogs playing poker,
Rico Suave playing gin,
In his deer fashion.


Smiling stiff doom,
Toothy decor for your room.
I’ll club you myself.