Haiku Wednesday: Bad Taxidermy

This post is dedicated to another website that I find both entertaining and unsettling: Crappy Taxidermy. These photos are all from this delightfully horrifying site.


Rabid Ol’ Yeller
Dive bombing all of us.
Get my rifle, son.


Disturbs me so much
Texas Chainsaw Massacre…
Scots and goats don’t mix.


The eye in the sky,
Canon raven zooms in.
Nevermore, my head.


Big-headed Tigger,
You look like you are gonna
Come out of the booth.


Dogs playing poker,
Rico Suave playing gin,
In his deer fashion.


Smiling stiff doom,
Toothy decor for your room.
I’ll club you myself.



Haiku Wednesday: Unright Animals

Long legged nightmare;
opposable thumbs AND fangs
to gnaw your life off.

Pudgy and swinging,
you are cute except for your
sharky black deadlights.

Ironic Dog gang,
fast food is made from collies.
I’m not lovin’ it.

Wolves French kiss all wrong…
Bite my face off why don’t you!
I can see your lunch.

Soul-shredding monkey!
What’s with the dude wearing the
fuzzy dog slippers?

Obscene nose AND mouth!
God’s sense of humor: e.g.
flesh-toned sex faced apes.